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We are uniting the global hockey community against climate change.

Jump on the ice and join us!

Climate change is the greatest threat to winter and pond hockey. Winters are already shorter and warmer around the world. As hockey players, we can see the changes happening on the ice. We must take immediate climate action to save the roots of hockey for future generations!

We organize pond hockey tournaments and invest tournament profits to fund impactful projects tackling climate change. So far, we have organized almost 20 tournaments and donated over 50,000€ to climate action. Over 2500+ players have played in Save Pond Hockey tournaments, including Stanley Cup champions, Olympic medalists, Celebrities, and the President of Finland. Check out our Save Pond Hockey Ambassadors!



2021 Tournaments: Unfortunately, we have decided to postpone the 2021 Save Pond Hockey
tournaments to 2022 because of the pandemic. Instead, we will focus our efforts on international growth.

Fürstenfeldbruck, DE

Sat 4.12.2021
Facebook Event

Lahti, FI

 Sun 5.12.2021
Facebook Event

Penticton, CA


Holzkirchen, DE


Helsinki, FI

 Sat 12.2.2022

Turku, FI

 Feb 2022

Tampere, FI

Feb 2022

Stonewall, CA

Sat 18-20.2.2022

Lappeenranta, FI

Feb 2022

Oulu, FI

Mar 2022

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