You can..

Sign the Climate Pledge.

Promise, achieve, offset, and share! It’s that simple.

Switch to EKOenergy.

And while you’re at it, buy energy efficient appliances and try saving electricity through cold-water laundry, short showers, and air drying clothes. Cold showers are fun too.

Heat efficiently.

If you have the choice, choose sustainable heating options for your home or mökki (wood pellets, etc.). If you don’t, you can always turn down the heating a couple degrees.

Commute smarter.

Try to live car-free. Or if you need one, choose low-emission electric, hybrid, biogas, RE85, or biodiesel. You can also take public transit and ride your bicycle.

Avoid flying.

Flying is fun, but it has a heavy carbon footprint. Try to take the train or travel locally when possible.

Eat climate-friendly.

“Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.” ~ Michael Pollan. Bang on. A plant-based diet can go a long way, but reducing your food waste and buying local/organic food helps too.

Consume wisely.

Buy less stuff, find used options, and support sustainable companies. For starters, get some Save Pond Hockey gear! -> Hand-sewn in Helsinki pipos and PureWaste t-shirts!

Offset emissions.

If you can’t eliminate every molecule of CO2, that’s ok. You can offset the rest through the UN’s carbon offset program! Hint: if you don’t want to calculate your annual emissions, the average Finn’s carbon footprint is 10 tons/year.

Vote and be active!

Elect representatives of the people who have the climate in mind! Keep learning and don’t be afraid to start climate conversations with friends & family!