Sign the Climate Pledge.

Sign, reduce, and offset! It’s as simple as that.

Consume wisely.

Buy less stuff, find used things, and support sustainable companies. For starters, join Save Pond Hockey as a Supporting Member!

Eat climate-friendly.

“Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.” -Michael Pollan. Bang on! A plant-based diet is a climate-friendly diet. It also helps to reduce your food waste and buy local, seasonal food.

Commute smarter.

Try to live car-free. If you need a new car, switch to electric, hybrid, biogas, or flexfuel! As we all know, public transit and bicycle are sustainable and affordable ways to get around.

Switch to renewable electricity.

If possible, upgrade your electricity contract to renewable energy. In many parts of the world, renewable energy now costs the same or less than fossil fuel energy.

Save energy.

Save money by saving energy! A few tips: buy energy-efficient appliances, wash laundry in cold/cool water, air-dry your laundry, only wash full loads in the dishwasher, take shorter showers, and, yes, switch to energy-efficient light bulbs.

Heat efficiently.

If you have the choice, then choose a sustainable heating source for your home. In the winter time, you can turn down the radiators 1-2 degrees and throw on some wool socks and a sweater if needed.

Fly less.

Flying in the sky is pretty amazing, but it has a massive carbon footprint. If possible, take the train or travel locally.

Vote and be active!

Decision-makers have a lot of power in shifting to a low-carbon society. Vote for ones who make climate a priority! Keep learning and don’t be afraid to start climate conversations with friends & family.

Offset emissions.

Reduce what you can and offset the rest. You can quickly figure out your annual carbon footprint using Sitra’s Lifestyle Test. Then you can offset your emissions through either Compensate or CO2Esto. The Average Finn’s carbon footprint = 10 tons/year.