Our Ambassadors support immediate climate action to
#SavePondHockey for future generations

Photo: Marko Seuranen Photography

NHL & Liiga Alumni
WC Silver Medalist
WC Bronze Medalist

“I’d like to see us all be teammates in this matter.”

Photo: Marko Seuranen Photography

NHL & Liiga Alumni
Olympic Silver Medalist
Olympic Bronze Medalist

“I want to leave a better world for my children. The time to act is now.”


2 X Olympic Bronze Medalist
WC Silver Medalist
3 X WC Bronze Medalist

“I started playing hockey outdoors and spent most of my freetime playing at an outdoor rink that was really close to my home. All my best memories are from that rink and I remember never wanting to leave — my mom had to carry me home most nights. I wanted to join SPH, because it’s really sad to notice how due to climate change winters are getting warmer and kids don’t get to experience the joy of playing outdoors. I believe that small individual choices can make a big difference in this battle if we get everyone involved. Hockey is all about frozen lakes, ponds and rinks that are open for everyone.”

Photo: Jason Mowry

NHL & Liiga ALumni
General Manager of the Columbus Blue Jackets

Photo: Marko Seuranen Photography

NHL & Liiga Alumni
5 X Stanley Cup Champion
Olympic Bronze Medalist
WC Silver Medalist
Hockey Hall of Famer


Liiga Alumni
Award-winning Author

“I spent my childhood on outdoor ice. Now, it’s our responsibility to act and make sure that the next generations are able to do the same.”

“When I was a kid, I used to play pond hockey all the time. I used to go just outside my house to the rink close by and play with my buddies. What worries me now is, what’s gonna happen for the next generation of hockey players, how are they going to be able to go outside and enjoy skating on the ice? I know for a lot of people climate change is a big and scary thing. But I think we should use the mindset I’ve learned in hockey: together, we can do big things, we can change things, we can beat the big opponent. Instead of fighting against climate change, let’s start by Saving Pond Hockey together!”

“I’m happy to be part of Save Pond Hockey. Climate change is an important topic and it’s great that it’s on everyones lips now. It’s cool to raise some awareness through hockey as well.”


Photo: Marko Seuranen Photography
“Pond hockey is life: outdoors, friends, equality, and the game.”

Photo: Marko Seuranen Photography

“My earliest and best memories are from outdoor rinks. I want future generations to have the same opportunity to experience pond hockey as I did. Save Pond Hockey is an admirable organization with serious ambitions – I couldn’t be happier to join forces. Together, we can make a difference!”

“I’ve seen a lot of pictures when I was a little two-year old kid with red cheeks and a big smile trying to learn how to skate at outdoors. I’m sure that was the first time a little spark ingnited in my eyes and I started to fall in love with this amazing sport called hockey. When I was younger, I spent many hours playing pond hockey with the boys. Playing outdoors has such a special and authentic feeling. I wanna join as an Ambassador for this good cause because I hope that every young girl and boy would have the same opportunity to have fun outdoors as I did! Our hockey community has so much strength and I believe if we all work together we can accomplish great things.”

“As a kid I was everyday, all night long playing pond hockey in the nearest rink. I loved the atmosphere we had back then. Most kids got together and we had amazing games. I have to say, I think that I wouldn’t be playing in the top level if I didn’t have the opportunity to have fun and play that much as a kid. I recommend to everyone, especially kids: go outside to play. That’s the easiest way to grow your game and have fun at the same time.”

“When I was young, my favorite post-school activity in the winters was to play pond hockey with my friends. I would not be the hockey player I am today without these fun and competitive games we played for hours and hours. I created so many long lasting memories and hope the future generations will be able to experience what I did. Thus, it is important to spread the word about climate change and try to slow down global warming. Let’s fight for the common cause together so that we can enjoy playing outdoors for years to come!”

Photo: Marko Seuranen Photography
“I grew up playing outdoor hockey with my friends, we used to play as long as the lights were on. It’s very important to start to think about our future and mother earth. Having a 3 year old son makes me think about his future. I support Save Pond Hockey because I want kids in the future to be able to play hockey as I used to play!”

Photo: Marko Seuranen Photography
“I grew up playing outdoor hockey. It was and still is the purest form of the game. I want to raise awareness of climate change on my behalf thru Save Pond Hockey, so my kids and future generations will be able to experience the same joy as I have as a kid.”

Photo: Tomi Hänninen

“My hockey memories have started from outdoor ice, and those memories are something that still bring joy. It is up to us, right now, to take responsibility and make those decisions about what the future looks like and if we are ready to take those chances away from the next generation, our children.”

“I remember growing up, my brother and I used to spend all our free time in the winter at local outdoor rinks. The best part was when it got a bit dark and there weren’t that many players on the ice, and you could hear the sound the steel makes on the ice and when the stick hits the puck. It’s sad that the winters aren’t that cold anymore and the pond hockey season is so short. That’s a great reason for me to make decisions and try and spread the word about how everyone can fight climate change.”

Photo: Timo Savela
“My hockey career started from pond hockey. The first time I ever laced up my skates was outside during a freezing winter. I fell in love with it. Ever since, I’ve loved the game of hockey. Every day after getting home from school, I would run back to the ice with my skates and stick and I would stay there until they switched the lights off. I think every kid should have the opportunity to do the same in the future too.”

Photo: Marko Seuranen Photography
“Nature has always mesmerised me and I have a deepest respect towards it. Animals, plants, climate, the whole 9 yards. To be a part of Save Pond Hockey is an honour and as individuals we all need to chip in for a common cause that knows no boundaries.”