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“I’d like to see us all be teammates in this matter.”

“Playing on outdoor ice helped me to achieve my dream. I practically spent all my days in my childhood from October to April on the rivers and ponds of the Moscow. Unfortunately, nowadays, swimwear would be needed instead of skates. I’m more than happy to be a Save Pond Hockey Ambassador, fighting for the common cause!”

“When I was a kid, I used to play pond hockey all the time. I used to go just outside my house to the rink close by and play with my buddies. What worries me now is, what’s gonna happen for the next generation of hockey players, how are they going to be able to go outside and enjoy skating on the ice? I know for a lot of people climate change is a big and scary thing. But I think we should use the mindset I’ve learned in hockey: together, we can do big things, we can change things, we can beat the big opponent. Instead of fighting against climate change, let’s start by Saving Pond Hockey together!”

“I want to leave a better world for my children. The time to act is now.”

“I’m happy to be part of Save Pond Hockey. Climate change is an important topic and it’s great that it’s on everyones lips now. It’s cool to raise some awareness through hockey as well.”

“I grew up playing outdoor hockey with my friends, we used to play as long as the lights were on. It’s very important to start to think about our future and mother earth. Having a 3 year old son makes me think about his future. I support Save Pond Hockey because I want kids in the future to be able to play hockey as I used to play!”

“My hockey memories have started from outdoor ice, and those memories are something that still bring joy. It is up to us, right now, to take responsibility and make those decisions about what the future looks like and if we are ready to take those chances away from the next generation, our children.”

“I remember growing up, my brother and I used to spend all our free time in the winter at local outdoor rinks. The best part was when it got a bit dark and there weren’t that many players on the ice, and you could hear the sound the steel makes on the ice and when the stick hits the puck. It’s sad that the winters aren’t that cold anymore and the pond hockey season is so short. That’s a great reason for me to make decisions and try and spread the word about how everyone can fight climate change.”

“Nature has always mesmerised me and I have a deepest respect towards it. Animals, plants, climate, the whole 9 yards. To be a part of Save Pond Hockey is an honour and as individuals we all need to chip in for a common cause that knows no boundaries.”