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Q: “What is Save Pond Hockey”
A: Save Pond Hockey is the movement to unite and mobilize the global hockey community against climate change: the greatest threat to winters and pond hockey. We organize pond hockey tournaments against climate change around the world and donate tournament profits to climate action projects. Thousands of pond hockey fans have played in our tournaments, including Stanley Cup champions, NHL legends, Olympic medalists, and the President of Finland.

Q: “Is this for me?”
A: Absolutely yes! Pond hockey is for everyone, and so are our tournaments 🙂 

Q: “How can I participate?”
A: Grab a team and join your local Save Pond Hockey tournament! If there isn’t one in your hometown, then start one! Get in touch with us and we can organise one together: info@savepondhockey.org. You can also check here to see other ways you can join the team: www.savepondhockey.org/join

Q: “Where does the money go”
A: We donate tournament profits directly to projects tackling climate change. See how donation money from previous tournaments has been used: https://savepondhockey.org/past-tournaments

Q: “What does our team registration include”
A: A full day of fun on the ice for a good cause! Your team registrations fees will contribute to the tournament’s donation to a climate action project.

Q: “How many players do we need?”
A: Games are player 4 vs. 4, so we recommend having at least 8 players so you don’t get too tired during the day.

Q: “How many games will we play?”
A: Every team gets to play at least 3 games in every Save Pond Hockey tournament. After that, it depends on your success in the playoffs 😉

Q: “What do I need to bring to the tournament?”
A: The essentials: skates, gloves, stick, and a good attitude. Apart from that, we will be outside all day so we recommend warm clothes and some spares shirts/socks.

Check all the tournament and game rules: https://savepondhockey.org/tournament–rules