What are you waiting for?

Join the tournament action NOW and help preserve the sport we love!

Pay -> https://holvi.com/shop/pondhockey/
Register -> http://www.pondhockey.fi/register
Like -> https://www.facebook.com/savepondhockey/


Q: “What is Save Pond Hockey”
A: It is a call to action for all passionate hockey players around the world! Our goal is to raise awareness about climate change and its terrifying consequences for the future of our planet and the sport we love. We encourage people to act together to progress a sustainable transition in our minds and economy, before it is too late.

Q: “Is this for me”
A: Absolutely yes! This tournament is for everyone who loves pond hockey and wants to preserve it for the next generation. We encourage supportive family and friends to come cheer and join the action on tournament day 😉

Q: “Where does the money go”
A: All proceeds are donated directly to campaigns against climate change. See how donation money from previous tournaments was used: https://savepondhockey.org/what-can-i-do/

Q: “What is included in team registration?”
A:  Every player will receive a quality Save Pond Hockey merch package and enjoy a full day of fun on the ice for a good cause! Assuming 8 players per team, this equals about €30/player!

Q: “How many players do we need on our team?”
A: Each team will play at least 4 games and these are played 4 vs 4. Because of this, we recommend you find ~8 players for your team so you have energy all day!

Q: “What should I bring on tournament day”
A: The essentials are your helmet, hockey stick, and skates. Since we will be outside, we recommend warm clothes and spare socks/tshirts.

Q: “What is the rink and goal size”
A: The rinks will be approx. 20m x 10m. Every rink will be generally contained with boards. Goals are 1m wide and 10cm high. Check all the tournament and game rules: https://savepondhockey.org/rules-saannot/

Q: “We are not very good players…can we join?”
A: Don’t be so modest! Pond hockey is for everyone and all about having fun together 🙂 After registering and paying, please fill in your team details and tell your team’s skill level. We will organize groups based on this info so teams of similar skill-levels will play together!