2021 Partner Profiles: Take climate action and find affordable renewable electricity with Komparate.com!

This is a guest post from Draivi Media Oy, a Save Pond Hockey partner.

Save Pond Hockey sums up what climate change actually means and hits our hearts with the message. It really stops you to think. What are we Finns if we do not have ice, snow and frost anymore? Where do our winter childhood memories come if not from hockey, skiing and sledding?

Especially this winter with the coronavirus taking over and preventing most of the indoor hobbies, we experienced a spectacular winter with snow and ice. The skates, skis, and sleds were sold out in Finland all the way from Helsinki to Lapland. This winter brought both adults and children alike together to enjoy some winter fun. I think for many of us it was a blessing during these difficult times.

Save Pond Hockey’s message really hits home for us. Climate change is here and actions are needed instead of talk. Save Pond Hockey reminds us of a simple but concrete thing we can lose and what our children may never experience – pond hockey. It is important that every one of us wakes up to climate change and takes part to prevent it. If we as a company can help by spreading the message and guiding people to make better choices for the climate, then we are in. Often it’s the little things that lead to a greater good.

Our company, Draivi Media Oy, is a performance marketing company that focuses on the fintech sector and we wanted to sponsor Save Pond Hockey with our latest project, Komparate.com, which is a price comparison website. The tool is live in Finland and will launch in other countries during 2021. One of Komparate’s main products is electricity. We provide consumers an easy comparison tool to explore different choices available in the market. We do our best in highlighting how the electricity is produced and we also have a comparison focusing fully on sustainable choices such as solar and wind. The more people choose electricity that is produced by wind and solar, the more electricity companies will build them.

Many still believe that renewable energy is costly and cannot compete when it comes to prices but that’s not true. Electricity powered by water is one of the cheapest choices for both consumers and companies and it’s aligned with sustainable options. We want to make it easy for consumers to pick a good electricity deal that is also sustainable. 

The carbon emissions from both the website and the users of the website have been neutralized by the building of new renewable energy sources, various CO2 reducing projects, and by the purchase of certified CO2 offsets, which are cleared by the relevant government institutions.

Together with Save Pond Hockey we want to challenge everybody to take action against climate change. You can start by choosing renewable energy!

Komparate.com on Draivi Media Oy:n omistama hintavertailusivusto, joka vertailee muun muassa uusiutuvaan energiaan perustuvat sähkösopimukset (esim. tuulivoima ja aurinkosähkö). Olemme iloisia saadessamme tukea Save Pond Hockeya!